sábado, 21 de abril de 2018

NEW YORK – BIG APPLE IV :: MAIL ART SHOW An important event that, promoted by The New York Boyer Foundation, invites all around the world artists to participate on this international art exhibition. Exhibition from 1 November to 30 November, on the New York Public Library (Hudson Park NYPL). THEME :: FREE MEDIA :: FREE DIMENSIONS :: FREE (maximum size 8,5×11 inches or 22x28 cm) Maximum of artworks accepted : 2 Deadline : 30 September 2018 No sales, no jury, no returns. All work will be permanently archived at The New York Boyer Foundation. At the end of the exhibition, The New York Boyer Foundation will send documentation to all artists. The work of art will have to be presented individually identified, with a label in the back of the same with artist’s name, title, media, size, year and e-mail. Please provide also website if the artist has one. Send to: The New York Boyer Foundation New York Big Apple IV Project 161 Prince Street, Suite 2 New York NY 10012-5338 USA For info e-mail: newyorkboyerfoundation@yahoo.com

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